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At Ghost Book Editors, we have a group of imaginative designers who make an engaging plan that sticks out, and an appealing to the eye. Hire Illustrator Designers and affirm your vibes.

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illustrator logo design

Good-looking Book Cover Illustration

People part of the business knows looks matter and so does the cover of your book. Not only we want our clients’ books on the racks but always hope to be pulled out for their attractive covers. That is why we provide processed custom Illustration Design logo Services for great appeals. Having that phase smoothly done and provided unique framework, we follow steps to success in satisfying our customers. Once illustrator logo design is ready, we send it to you for the approval and when it passed, we continue towards finalization process of the book cover design.

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Wide Range of EBook Illustration

We are a dependable hub of illustration style; our creative designers are powered up with imagination.

Fashion Design

We aim to illustrate the fashion life and give it the most accurate look and style to get perceived by people. Fashion Design Illustration Services amaze minds with their creative work on a daily basis.

Natural Scenes

The attractive flowers, scenarios pull us in when we look at them, but imagine getting the same level of attraction when it’s not in front of you physically but illustrated instead. We assure you to not be disappointed.


Our extraordinary line artists have a strong hold on making a triumphant line for a walk. They're capable so they know each kind of design and style that are significant in the line outlines; we expect to furnish your line illustration project with an unmistakable comprehension and premium quality. Brand identity illustration is where we can help you gain reader’s attention.

Portrait Designs

Catching a portrait that drives a message around is considered fine art and our artistic portrait team is in routine of it. Our portrait illustration designs are created with hard work and passion that portrays the exact portrayal of the character of any one of you want us to make.

Retro Illustration

Our illustrators will take you on the ride back in time. These talented teams of artist excel in work from different eras, and different styles. Whatever you ask them to do; they have it ready for you. And their command on retro illustration is commendable. Just the touch that your book illustration needs.

Food Canvases

If you’re a foodie then this will be your favorite kind of artists. Their mouthwatering illustrations make it nearly impossible to ignore and avoid the essence of superb food. Our illustration design services include artists that don’t leave any chance to make your crave food that you might have never tasted too.


Whatever kind of architectural look you need, we are here to give that to you. Our 3D illustrator designs will help you envision things that might’ve always been in your head before this.

Fantasy Attractions

Most individual’s favorite genre has to be the one with most tough illustrations, and that has to be fantasy. This genre is the most in demand with wonderful and imaginative characters and scenarios. Illustrator logo designers at Ghost Book Editors aspire to make your readers stick to your books.

Children Book Illustration

Any child easily gets attracted to colors and creative things. Children's book Illustration Design should always be easy to understand and colorful yet not too bright to hurt the head. It’s a tough task but don’t worry our skilled artist will give you exactly what you need.

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Outline your Professional Illustration Design Service

Our illustration artists take special care of a wide range of outlines; regardless of what genre and kind of book you request, we will achieve an achievement for you. At Ghost Book Editors, we have recruited artists with tremendous experience, and they are sure to convey the best illustrative portrayal for your book and story. Especially where illustrations are needed the most, in kids book illustrations, we don’t disappoint our clients.

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Cover Design Types

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Seventies and Eighties Designs


Authentic Photgraphy

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Time to time submissions and edits are made to guarantee convenient conveyance of the task.

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Once the book is completed, final editing and proofreading is guaranteed. Quality-access and prompt reviews also covered during the writing process for our client’s satisfaction.


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Ghost Book Editors service is best known for its presentation in different areas about ideas and writing style. Our writers provide satisfactory content to the level best with the quality assurance that our clients love.

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Indeed, our splendid group of Ghost Book Editors Professional writers having creative expertise with different writing styles. Thus, it can be assembled in the most convincing and imaginative substance in any type, of genre. So, you can choose whichever seems suitable for you like fiction, true life events, autobiography, daily diary, self-help guidebook, producing articles, composing diary, and much more.

It totally depends upon you and your book length; however, we make sure it will be all according to your requirements and we also assure you to make us understand during production of the first draft and expected date of delivery. You can go ahead and verify our tone of the writing for us to proceed, once you know we found the right track.

Our client specialists in customer services department deal quick and always there for answering your prompt questions. At Ghost Book Editors if any off chance that you feel obstacle, our support team will be directly engaging with you via an email, chat or by opening conversation on the phone until the issue is otherwise resolved.

Our approach is regarded to excellent writing services and arranging it too right before the deadline. We draw out the problem-free book, so the reader does not need to confront any sort of imperfections. We also put our production into book cover planning to let the audience caught by their eye and with our context.

You know what’s the brilliant thing? Two minds are never alike. But in this case once a book is aligned on an outline before the first draft, our team of writers present their ideas and the writer who actually writes it can merge all the ideas into one book to give you an outstanding book. It’s not like to carry our imaginations and out it on a few sets of papers. they are not composing it that way, their writing abilities have the manifestation that it ignites in the long run and turn into an attraction to the readers. Once a professional writer accepts your thought under considerations that shapes your book lead your story skillfully and impeccably. Don’t be shy to present your ideas to the world since authors around the world always needs a proofreader and editor that simply does not come in-addition to a ghostwriter but, it a part of their job.